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Vision and Mission


Enhanced market efficiency and consumer welfare

The Competition Act plays an important role for businesses and consumers alike in fostering healthy competition in the Brunei market.  It helps Brunei Darussalam to reinforce a pro-business and pro-investment climate, in line with the Government's long term economic goal to achieve a dynamic and sustainable economy, as aspired in Wawasan 2035.
Through the prohibition of anti-competitive conducts, the Act is expected to provide incentives for businesses to be innovative, productive and responsive to consumer needs. As such, consumers may benefit from lower prices and wider choices in the marketplace. The Act is instrumental in addressing competition-related concerns under the scope of the law, in maintaining proper functioning of the markets. This will not only provide certainty and enhance investor's confidence but also provide business opportunities to micro, small and medium enterprises to enter the market.
With the effective and efficient enforcement of the Competition Act, the CCBD is committed to enhancing economic efficiency and consumer welfare in Brunei Darussalam.


Deterring anti-competitive practices and promoting competition culture

The CCBD has the mission to deter anti-competitive practices through effective enforcement of the Act, and to promote competition culture through continuous advocacy and outreach efforts. The CCBD recognises that competition culture and compliance are best nurtured when the key stakeholders comprehend the benefits of competition and understand the Act.