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Lodge Complaint

If you are aware of any businesses that are engaging in anti-competitive conduct that violates the Competition Act, please file a complaint with CCBD by completing our Complaint Form online.  

Online Complaint Form.png

Please note that any supporting documents to the complaint should be email to as the online form does not support attachments. 

Alternatively, you may download our Complaint Form and submit the completed form directly to:



Email to;  or


Post to the following address

Chairman of the Competition Commission Brunei Darussalam


Executive Secretariat to the Competition Commission Brunei Darussalam

Level 5, Ministry of Finance and Economy Building,

Commonwealth Drive,

Bandar Seri Begawan, BA 3910,

Negara Brunei Darussalam

In order to assist the CCBD in pursuing the complaint, please explicitly state the concerns / grievances by providing as much information as possible, including the following:



Brief description of the complaint;


Information regarding the party or parties involve in the conduct, including their contact information where known; and


Any relevant information and supporting documents


Please note the following before making any complaint to the CCBD:


CCBD will not be able to provide its views based on hypothetical scenarios. 


CCBD does not act on behalf of the Complainant and will consider what matters to pursue an investigation having regard the impact to the competitive marketplace and public interest.


The Complainant is advised to keep the complaint confidential as publicised or otherwise widely known complaint may jeopradise the CCBD’s ability to conduct an effective investigation. 

For details on how the CCBD will administer or process a complaint, please refer to 

Guidelines on Complaint Procedures