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Apply Leniency

The Competition Order provides Leniency Regime provision that grants immunity up to 100% to those involved in anti-competitive agreement or cartel in exchange to full disclosure and cooperation. The key features of leniency are as follows:



Leniency application is only available to businesses that are part of anti-competitive agreement or cartel under Section 11 of the Order. 


Leniency is available to the first undertaking that report the cartel conduct to the CCBD as well as other subsequent applicants for leniency and meets all the requirements for the leniency.


Leniency applicant is expected to provide information or other forms of cooperation to the Commission which significantly assisted, or is likely to significantly assist, in the identification or investigation of any finding of an infringement of any prohibition by any other undertakings.


Guidelines on Leniency set out detailed processes and procedures adopted by the CCBD in relation to leniency application under Section 44 of the Competition Order. 


To apply for Leniency, please fill in our online Leniency Application Form; 

Online Leniency Form.png

or download the Form and submit to the CCBD via any of the following means:



Email to


Post to the following address

Chairman of the Competition Commission Brunei Darussalam


Executive Secretariat to the Competition Commission Brunei Darussalam

Department of Competition and Consumer Affairs

Department of Economic Planning and Development

Level 3, West Wing, Block 2A

Ong Sum Ping Road

Bandar Seri Begawan, BA 1311


The leniency applicant or his representative may also walk in person to the Executive Secretariat's office to apply for a leniency.